Answering machine/live speaker detection

Call progress analysis using answering machine detection (AMD), also known as live speaker detection, is a key part of an efficient outbound call centre or voice broadcast system. It allows you to classify whether the number you're calling is answered by a human, answering machine or fax machine, and act accordingly. 

  • Simplify customer contact
    Simplify customer contact

    Reach customers the way they want to be reached

  • Complete control
    Complete control

    Support for complex call routing and management

  • Improved call centre agent utilisation
    Improved call centre agent utilisation

    Accurate live speaker detection means your agents don't waste time leaving answering machine messages

  • Multimodal communications
    Multimodal communications

    Choose your form of communication - personal message, pre-recorded message, fax or SMS

Why choose AMD from Aculab?

Aculab have decades of extensive experience in the call centre and voice messaging markets, made available as standard on the Aculab Cloud platform.

  • Built on 40 years ofexperience in voice

    Built on decades of
    experience in voice

  • Text to speech

    Free storage for pre-recorded answering machine messages

  • Speech Recognition

    Free multi-lingual TTS for voicemail message creation

  • Text to speech

    Fax machine detection and support for fax messaging

  • API

    call control API

  • Access numbers

    Optimised for best-in-class accuracy

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Not sure if Aculab Cloud is for you? Test the API with this sample PHP code.

$actions->add(new Aculab\TelephonyRestAPI\Record(array('next_page' => ‘save_recording_page’)));

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