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Fax applications
on Aculab Cloud

Send confidential documents such as medical records or legal documents globaly. Only pay when you use the service (pay-as-you-go). AES encryption provides secure storage of fax communications.

Our fax code is well proven and field hardened. Aculab Cloud was the first CPaaS platform to offer fax, and Aculab had been sending and receiving faxes at scale for many years before that.

Fax applications diagram
  • Customer decides to start a fax broadcast campaign
  • Application pulls contact details from database
  • Aculab Cloud executes - making outbound fax calls
  • Thousands of simultaneous fax calls can be made!

The benefits of Aculab Cloud

Voice, SMS and fax from the same platform with global coverage and per-minute charging.

  • Scalable, on-demand resources

    Scalable, on-demand

  • Reduce your time-to-market


  • Reduce your development costs

    development costs

  • The only cloud telephonyplatform to offer fax

    The first CPaaS platform
    to offer fax

  • Work with T.30 or T.38fax protocol

    Work with T.30 or T.38
    fax protocol

  • Send and receive fax directly from the cloud

    Send and receive fax
    directly from the Cloud

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See how simple it is, try out the code…

Not sure if Aculab Cloud is for you? Test the API with this sample PHP code.

$r = new Aculab\TelephonyRestAPI\SendFax();

See sample code in other programming languages: