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Fax benefits
  • Tried and tested fax from the experts

    Aculab Cloud has offered fax for around the last eight years. The same Aculab software, and also hardware, had been sending and receiving faxes at scale for many years before that, and continues to sell into large fax bureaux now.

    Complete encryption

    Sent and received faxes are encrypted at rest, with optional further AES encryption based on customer-supplied ciphers

    Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

    Bring your own carrier or use ours.


  • Send and receive fax directly from the Cloud

    A feature-rich send/receive fax API to give your applications the power to transfer documentation across the world.

    Work with T.30 or T.38 fax protocol

    Aculab’s fax API offers both T.30 and T.38 procedures so you can decide which one works best for you.

    Security, data location and sovereignty

    Aculab Cloud is HIPAA compliant, certified to theISO 27001 security standard, and GDPR compliant. It has a regional architecture. We won't move data between our regions unless you ask us to.