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Why won't Layer 2 become active even though Layer 1 is working?


  1. You are not running CAS (Layer 2 statistics for CAS indicate whether a line is blocked, back busied, or not).
  2. You are not connecting a user side port to another user side port (or alternatively, a network side port to a network side port).
  3. Occasionally, on certain protocols, the Layer 2 can take up to a minute before it becomes active. If you have been waiting for this time and are certain everything is configured correctly, it maybe worthwhile attempting to make a call. This can sometimes force Layer 2 to be activated. If running SS7, check that the point codes have been configured correctly and have been applied (when downloading firmware) in the decimal form.
  4. When using ETS300, one can request that the ETS300 firmware attempt to force Layer 2 up by adding the firmware switch '-s60,1'