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  • Aculab Cloud provides a cost effective, scalable and secure communications platform for Software as a Service (SaaS) providers who specialise in tenant/landlord communications.

    If you are a software house where efficient landlord/tenant communications are key to your customers’ business success, and reliable delivery of voice and SMS messaging is their priority, make sure the CPaaS system you choose to integrate is tailored and designed with your targeted industry in mind.

    Social housing
  • Cloud social housing

    Features for SaaS providers in conjunction with Aculab Cloud

    These are some of the features that make up part of the Aculab Cloud service which are specifically geared towards improving our SaaS customers’ offerings to the Social Housing market:
    • Dedicated local phone numbers: can be set up per tenant to streamline message flow and keep messages for multiple tenants secure, whilst using a common architecture.
    • Local Presentation: Numbers that end-users can see are customisable, allowing for national, local, mobile, geographically specific, and toll free Caller ID. Giving your landlords a localised/professional impression.
    • Flexibility: Aculab Cloud is optimised to scale up and down according to your needs. Adding more customers is simple – any customer that needs service, gets service, adding to your profits not your costs.
    • Mobility: Aculab Cloud works regionally. No on-premise infrastructure is required, leaving your staff to work as effectively from home as from the office with no degradation of the quality of service you offer.
    • Local Cloud: Because our servers are operated regionally, you can have full transparency over where your data is stored and how it is used. This is perfect for easy management of GDPR requirements, especially when handling sensitive legal and personal information within tenancy information.
    • Multiple communications options: Voice, SMS and fax options; one-to-one or two-way communications to communicate with individual tenants; broadcast one-to-many communications for group announcements.
  • Cloud benefits

    Cloud based infrastructure benefits

    • Cost effective: Aculab Cloud is a pay-as-you-go service – no large up-front investments; maintenance and upgrade costs eliminated; simplified cash-flow management.
    • Security and Privacy: Aculab Cloud is a service managed and maintained by our dedicated and experienced staff 24x7. We manage service uptime, power outages and telco carrier issues so you don’t have to. Aculab is an ISO9001 and ISO27001 company, meaning we are subscribed to the highest international standards of security and privacy within our company policy.
    • Updates are built in: We are constantly evolving the feature set of Aculab Cloud – you get the benefit of new features and best-of-breed software, as specified by the best minds in the industry: our customers.
    • Highly Experienced: Aculab is a company with four decades of innovation history in the telecoms industry, with a strong background as a key node in the software and technology ecosystem. We are a personable company and look to work with new partners to mutual benefit.
  • sms drive voice traffic

    Use SMS to drive voice traffic

    • Housing issues are not clear-cut. Your customers need to speak to their tenants about them. Aculab Cloud telephony allows you to generate inbound calling to your agents, via SMS invites, providing a better service for customers’ tenants and more timely intervention by those looking after tenants’ welfare.
  • appointment reminder

    Reliable and timely appointment reminder delivery

    • Missed appointments: They waste time and reduce productivity. Voice and SMS reminders are a proven way to alleviate those issues, with the cost of the reminders being more than offset by the benefits.
    • Voice reminders: Voice reminders have excellent penetration, particularly amongst the elderly who are less likely to own a mobile phone or use email. The devices that our Cloud operates on are the most quickly picked up, meaning messages are highly likely to be read more quickly than other methods of contact. We already successfully deliver tens of millions of these reminders every month.
    • SMS and Voice channels: These are what we call “Loose Association” channels. This means that, as a medium, they operate with a high level of trust and authority, creating a positive, dynamic relationship between speaker and listener that other channels simply do not have. This allows for Voice and SMS messages to carry with them an expected level of sincerity and authority- one of the central benefits of using a CPaaS for SMS and Voice!
    • Text-To-Speech: With its wide language coverage and some of the best quality voices available today, we’ve integrated Amazon Polly and Google Speech recognition to allow you to easily create high quality, intelligible messages customised for each recipient.
  • Mass notification

    Broadcast messaging (voice and SMS)

    • Aculab Cloud’s performance and reliability will ensure that even the most mission critical mass notification is sent. And if you need guaranteed capacity and a predictable call rate, you can easily manage calls per second across your outbound services.
    • Aculab Cloud’s Answering Machine Detection classifies calls between humans, answering machines, or fax machines quickly and with near perfect accuracy. It has been built by our own in house AI specialists, and is best-in-class. It turbo-charges our CPaaS by making sure the right type of message is delivered to the right person, every time
  • custom solutions

    Something missing?

    Need custom features? Just ask...
    • As your business needs change, what you need from Aculab Cloud might change too. We're not too big to care so, if you suggest changes to us, we're more likely to listen. We’ll help ensure that, as your business grows, we meet your communications needs.
    • We’ve been providing enabling technology and building blocks for communications systems for four decades – we are experts in voice, SMS and fax.
    • We have forged partnerships for best-of-breed text-to-speech (provided by Amazon Polly), and speech recognition (provided by Google) with many languages and some of the best quality voices available today.