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Aculab’s advanced IVR technology allows you to self-service with ease or direct callers to an agent through a simple, easy to learn API. Callers can interact with their voice using our best in class speech recognition from Google, or with their telephone keypad. We also offer best in class Text-To-Speech (TTS) from Amazon.

IVR flow diagram

Advanced voice-enabled IVR

Create a powerful, dynamic IVR application to add to your existing solutions

  • Text to speech

    Best in class Text-To-Speech,

  • API

    Easy to use API

  • Speech Recognition

    Best in class Speech Recognition,

  • Inbound numbers around the world

    Inbound numbers around the world

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Not sure if Aculab Cloud is for you? Test the API with this sample PHP code.

$mp = new Aculab\TelephonyRestAPI\Play();
$mp->addText('Please press 1 for yes or 2 for no.');
$menu = new Aculab\TelephonyRestAPI\RunMenu($mp);
$menu->addMenuOption('1', 'optionyespage');
$menu->addMenuOption('2', 'optionnopage');

See sample code in other programming languages:

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Clear, competitive, pay-as-you-go pricing, tiered on usage and tailored to your needs. Dedicated account manager and invoiced billing available.

Buy numbers. Pay per minute to place and answer calls over the PSTN, WebRTC and SIP. Use best in class Text-To-Speech, Speech Recognition and Answering Machine Detection.

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