Text-To-Speech and Speech Recognition applications
on Aculab Cloud

We have integrated best in class, Text-To-Speech (TTS) and Speech Recognition functionality with Aculab Cloud voice APIs. Amazon Polly is a deep learning based Text-To-Speech engine which turns text into lifelike speech. Google Speech-to-Text is a powerful speech recognition engine which uses machine learning and neural network models to turn speech into text. Each has a wide and growing language coverage, and is seeing heavy investment by a leader in its field.

  • Simplify customer interaction
    Simplify customer interaction

    Bypass multi-level DTMF menus with natural language speech recognition: “What would you like to do?”

  • Improve customer service
    Improve the conversation

    Augment human interactions by providing context and assistance based on what’s been said

  • Manage peak demand on agents
    Understand your users

    Use machine learning dialog engines such as Google Dialogflow to build natural and rich conversations, with TTS and Speech Recognition to convert between speech and text

Text-To-Speech and Speech Recognition applications

Powerful inbound/outbound voice API integrated with best in class, neural network driven TTS and Speech Recognition.

  • Rich, natural conversations with your customers

    Rich, natural conversations
    with your customers

  • text-to-speech

    Best in class Text-To-Speech,

  • Reduce your development costs

    development costs

  • dialog engines, power next generation conversations

    Use with dialog engines,
    to power next generation conversations

  • Best in class speech recognition

    Best in class Speech Recognition,

  • Built on 40 years ofexperience in voice

    Built on decades of
    experience in voice

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Not sure if Aculab Cloud is for you? Test the API with this sample PHP code.

$prompt = \Aculab\TelephonyRestAPI\Play::sayText("Please say the reason for your call.");
$getInput = new \Aculab\TelephonyRestAPI\GetInput('useinputpage'); $getInput->setPrompt($prompt);

See sample code in other programming languages:

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Buy numbers. Pay per minute to place and answer calls over the PSTN, WebRTC and SIP. Use best in class Text-To-Speech, Speech Recognition and Answering Machine Detection.

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