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Aculab Cloud integrates Amazon Polly, a deep learning based Text-To-Speech engine (TTS) and Google Speech-to-Text, the powerful Speech Recognition (SR) engine.


TTS benefits
  • Simplify customer interaction

    Bypass multi-level DTMF menus with natural language speech recognition: “What would you like to do?”

    Understand your users

    Use machine learning dialog engines such as Google Dialogflow to build natural and rich conversations, with TTS and Speech Recognition to convert between speech and text.

    Amazon Polly Neural voices

    Use Neural Text-To-Speech for the most natural and human like sounding voices.

    Google enhanced speech recognition

    Integrate enhanced speech recognition with higher accuracy and availability for more languages to be understood.


  • Best-in-class Speech Recognition

    120 Languages and variants.

    Industry leading TTS

    Featuring 43 languages with 47 voices for a natural sounding experience.

    Built on experience

    Aculab has been a pioneer of voice technologies for decades.

TTS benefits


TTS try the code

See how simple it is, try out the code…

Not sure if Aculab Cloud is for you? Test the API with this sample Php code.

$prompt = \Aculab\TelephonyRestAPI\Play::sayText("Please say the reason for your call.");
$getInput = new \Aculab\TelephonyRestAPI\GetInput('useinputpage'); $getInput->setPrompt($prompt);

See sample code in other programming languages:

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