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Enabling technologies from Aculab

Our extensive range of gateways and media processing hardware/software provides unrivalled levels of functionality backed by a team of highly experienced engineers. Build your applications on a platform you can trust.

  • Engineered by experts
    Engineered by experts

    Designed in-house by engineers with an in-depth understanding of telecoms

  • Deployed across the world
    Deployed across the world

    Used in enterprise and telco organisations including the military and emergency services

  • Honed over 40 years
    Decades of experience

    Huge knowledge base, vast feature sets available to developers

  • Reliable, robust, award-winning
    Reliable, robust, award-winning

    Engineered to last

Aculab, a leader
in telecoms

We've been working with telecoms hardware and software since 1978, and have channelled our knowledge and expertise into producing fully-featured products to meet the varied needs of telecoms application developers.

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