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Send Voice, SMS and MMS reminders for appointments, meetings, interviews or any other time sensitive events.


  • Deliver up-to-date communication

    Automate the voice calls and messages you send to easily manage your reminders.

    Bring customers closer to your business

    Provide your customers with timely notifications for everyday activities.

    Create clear branding with MMS

    Attach videos, photos and increase the size of messages to 1600 characters for your appointment reminders.


  • Reminders for pickup, shipping and meeting notifications

    Automate the voice calls and messages you send to easily manage your reminders.

    Communicate effectively

    With return path options & bi-directional messaging.

    Pay as you go

    For unrivalled flexibility, with capacity for burst messaging.

Appointment reminder benefits

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Appointment reminder benefits

See how simple it is, try out the code…

Not sure if Aculab Cloud is for you? Test the API with this sample Python code.

play_action = Play(text_to_say='Hi Jim, your appointment is at 2 o'clock this afternoon.');

See sample code in other programming languages:

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