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VoiSentry - Biometric speaker verification
and authentication

VoiSentry APIs enable developers to add the enhanced security and user convenience of biometric voice authentication to their customer contact applications.

Now, your business customers can replace frustrating, time-consuming verification processes simply by allowing their users, clients or subscribers to authenticate with their voice. 

VoiSentry features

  • Monitor patients remotely

    Easy integration

    Provided as a VM image that can be deployed on your platform of choice - hardware server, data centre, or cloud

  • Make an informed assessment

    Application control

    VoiSentry’s APIs facilitate core enrolment and verification tasks, leaving your application total scope to deal with overarching process operations

  • Save costs for your practice

    Highly scalable

    Aggregating nodes to create a multi-node cluster offers you scalability and inter-node – intra-cluster – load sharing

  • Screen for abnormalities

    Resilience and redundancy

    Clustered nodes offer you a high degree of resilience and redundancy, with extreme data persistence for dataset storage

Benefits of speaker verification

Deliver enhanced security, cost-effectiveness and convenience with voice biometrics

  • Cost-effective measurement
of speech characteristics

    More secure than PINs
    and passwords

  • Objective, consistent measurements

    Reduce the threat from
    fraud and identity theft

  • More effective use of clinical resources

    Lower the cost of client

  • Avoid costly, static equipment installations

    Offer callers speed and

  • Accumulate longitudinal vocal health measurements

    Meet your obligations for
    personal data protection

  • Globally accessible; dial in from home

    Improve customer
    satisfaction metrics

Datasheets, technical tips, professional services, white papers and planning guides.

Learn more about what you could do with VoiSentry.

What our customers say…

  • MyForce
  • I-Tel
  • Algar Tech
  • VoiSentry has proven to be a great choice for us when we were searching for a voice biometrics system to integrate. I believe its ability to offer individual user passphrases or a randomly generated series of words for verification is a USP for Aculab.

    Bart Minne, Business Development Manager, MyForce NV

  • Thanks to the automation of our system, with its integration of VoiSentry from Aculab, AIPo and other public bodies can be 100% sure of who clocked in. With voice stamping, everything is simple, transparent, and immediate, both for the employee and for the human resources department, which no longer has to process the stamping of badges.

    Stefania Mancini, Technical Director

  • Aculab's VoiSentry was the ideal solution for our biometric verification needs. As a provider of IT Services for large corporations, VoiSentry was able to provide us with a modern, powerful, language-independent and consistent solution. Aculab's technical support was also extremely helpful throughout the development period, going as far as including new features based on our feedback.