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The Aculab Cloud Number Lookup API allows you to identify who is calling by checking and validating the origin of inbound callers.
Integrate with other tools and API's to further streamline your business communications


Number look benefits
  • Number Identification

    Identify the line type, carrier name, and country of phone numbers

    Check validity of contacts and leads

    Businesses can use the API to validate leads and clean number databases

    Organise Call Queues

    Optimise call queues with geographic call routing, that matches clients to regional agents


  • Confirm callers type & origin

    Quickly validate a callers number, network type and country of origin

    Easy to use API

    Make requests directly or use one of our high level language wrappers

    Enhance efficiency

    Integrate with other tools and APIs to streamline communications

    Improve communication strategies

    Determine whether voice or SMS would be an appropriate form of communication.


Number look features


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