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  • AI Answering Machine Detection

    Enhance your outbound applications using AI-driven Answering Machine Detection.

    • Increase efficiency with a fast classification that minimises the delay in connecting your customers to an agent, reducing the percentage of silent calls.
    • The system can further classify the recipient as residential or business, according to how the call is answered.
    • Our AI-AMD solution is trained on tens of thousands of audio files, yielding an unrivalled accuracy of virtually 100%.
  • Audio-to-Audio Translation

    Drive efficiency and enhance understanding with real-time translation of phone calls for contact centre agents.

    • Both languages are transcribed and available for display.
    • Multi-language support, supporting 43 languages and variants.
    • During the call, hear the original and the translated speech.
contact centre biometrics
  • VoiSentry Voice Biometrics

    Identity verification for a global customer base.

    • Streamline the customer experience and go beyond passwordless login to enable efficient and frictionless identification of individuals.
    • Prevent unauthorised access to customer data or financial resources with MFA.
    • Near-instantaneous results, streamline the authentication process and remove unnecessary hassle for end users.
  • Number Look-Up

    Identify the type and location of unknown inbound calls with ease.

    • Optimise call queues with geographic call routing, that matches clients to regional agents.
    • Quickly validate a caller number, network type and country of origin.
    • Make requests directly or use one of our high-level language wrappers.
Number Look-Up

Standard and compliance

Aculab is committed to maintaining a high standard of quality and security across the board.

Data security and standards compliance are key to Aculab, and we have passed audits for compliance with standards ranging from Quality Control (ISO 9001:2015), through Information Security (ISO 27001:2013) to Data Privacy (EU GDPR) and health-related standards such as HIPAA and HITECH.

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