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  • Choosing The Ideal Communication Platform: Key Considerations to Optimise Your Business

Choosing The Ideal Communication Platform: Key Considerations to Optimise Your Business

Communication Platforms as a Service have become a necessity in the current digital age; allowing businesses to obtain frictionless means of communicating effectively. However, as technology rapidly evolves, so must communications. Much of the platforms on offer today are homogenous, so choosing the best fit for your business can be difficult. In this blog, we have shared some key points and trends for to consider, so your business can amplify communications and increase operational efficiency!


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Business in the modern world is hyper connected, with communication at the forefront of success. Users and companies alike rely on seamless and efficient communications with 88% of customers agreeing that the experience a company offers is as important as the product or service it supplies, as of 2022.

This is where CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) comes into play. In the past twenty years, more and more companies have been using CPaaS to provide the infrastructure to facilitate multi-channel communication opportunities. It’s no surprise that the average user employs a variety of communication channels, with 83% of customers expecting to interact with an agent immediately after contacting a company. Employing resilient and powerful communication is therefore paramount to successful user experience and customer retention.

What to Consider

In a flooded market, it can be difficult to know what provider to use. There isn’t much differentiation between what companies offer - so how do you decide what's best for your business?

Customization and Personalization

In the modern era, a one-size-fits-all approach to communication is no longer sufficient. Your CPaaS should allow your business to create customised and personalised communication experiences. A successful CPaaS integration requires a thorough assessment of the specific communication needs and objectives of any business. Aculab knows this. For over 40 years, Aculab have been offering a range of essential telecoms products, and working closely with customers, using insight and skill to design solutions, suited to specific communication needs. Aculab has an unmatched reputation for technical and customer service, 24/7, 365 days a year. Explore the ways Aculab have partnered with businesses, to help innovate and streamline their communication capabilities, using our CPaaS.

Global Reach

The world is more connected than ever, and Aculab knows that businesses and customers need to be able to communicate on a global scale. Aculab offers a range of AI driven technologies, as well as features like cloud regions, to comply with data sovereignty regulations on a global scale.

Another example of how Aculab provides the means to facilitate a global reach, is by providing language-independent technologies that allows companies to engage with international partners and customers; defying language barriers and expanding audiences. In addition, AI driven applications work effortlessly, facilitating increases in operational efficiency, reducing delays, and enhancing accuracy.

Standards and Compliance

Communication has become inherently digital, meaning the need for compliance with privacy and security standards and regulations is now paramount. Aculab is committed to maintaining the highest standards, across the board. No matter the industry, Aculab ensures that their solutions are compliant with industry and government regulations. Aculab offers HIPAA and HITECH compliant CPaaS, along with support for compliance with GDPR and other standards. Placing values on people and partnership, Aculab is able to ensure their solutions work for your business. To read more, please visit the Aculab standards page.


As businesses aim to stay relevant in an increasingly digitally competitive world, employing innovative and reliable communication capabilities is crucial. Offering exciting opportunities to amplify communication, increase operational productivity, and deliver frictionless customer experiences, has always been the priority at Aculab. Embracing these elements is how they continue to deliver their Communication Platform as a Service, and enhance it for every customer.

So, no matter the business or the industry, start reaping the benefits of Aculab Cloud and their range of APIs!

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