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A comparison of the UAS and REST APIs for voice and fax telephony.

Explanation of cloud regions and how they relate to your account.

Starting an outbound application and how inbound applications are started by Aculab Cloud when an inbound call is received.

Describes inbound and outbound services and how they relate to inbound and outbound calls and SMS messages.

Placing outbound calls on Aculab Cloud, outbound telephony providers, dialed numbers, caller IDs and Live Speaker Detection.

The codecs and file formats that are supported for Aculab Cloud voice and fax calls and media files.

How to use Aculab Cloud's text-to-speech engine to add speech to your applications.

How to use Aculab Cloud's automatic speech recognition engine to recognise spoken phrases in your applications.

Using Aculab Cloud to send and receive SMS message and the prerequisites.

How to send and receive faxes on Aculab Cloud, the advanced settings available and the fax formats supported.

How to connect calls together in a conference on Aculab Cloud.

An overview of using encryption to secure your media files on Aculab Cloud.

An overview of HIPAA regulation and privacy in relation to Aculab Cloud.