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Which API Is Appropriate For Me?

A comparison of the UAS and REST APIs for voice and fax telephony.

Cloud Regions

An explanation of cloud regions and how they relate to your account.

How To Start Applications

How to start an outbound application and how inbound applications are started by Aculab Cloud when an inbound call is received.

Outbound and Inbound Services

Describes inbound and outbound services and how they relate to inbound and outbound calls and SMS messages.


Placing outbound calls and receiving inbound calls.

Media Files

Managing your media files to be played or recorded on a call, or fax files sent or received.


How to use Aculab Cloud's text-to-speech engine to add speech to your applications.

Speech Recognition

How to use Aculab Cloud's speech recognition to recognise spoken words and phrases in your applications.


Add live multilingual neural machine translation between connected calls.

New feature!

Voice Biometrics

How to use Aculab Cloud's voice biometrics to verify users from their voice in your applications.


Sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages.

Sending and Receiving Faxes

How to send and receive faxes and the settings and fax formats supported.


How to connect calls together in a conference.


An overview of authentication used to protect your information.

HIPAA and Privacy

An overview of HIPAA regulation and privacy in relation to Aculab Cloud.

GDPR and Data Protection

A summary of how GDPR and data protection applies to data on Aculab Cloud.