Cloud Regions


Aculab Cloud maintains completely separate HIPAA compliant cloud Regions each in a different international location. Every account on Aculab Cloud is associated with a single cloud region that is chosen when creating the account. You may create accounts in different regions.

Selection criteria for a particular region may include complying with data protection or export regulations, minimising perceived voice path delay, or as part of a redundancy or resilience strategy.

Cloud ID

Several elements of the APIs require the cloud region to be uniquely identified by a cloud ID. In these instances you should supply the corresponding code in which your account is registered.


* a region currently in Beta. Please contact us if you are interested in using this region.

Data Location

All data related to your account associated with a particular cloud Region stays in that cloud Region unless you:

  • Access it, for example by downloading usage reports or requesting service status.
  • Use Text-To-Speech or Speech Recognition, in which case the required audio and text are exchanged securely with those service providers.

Redundancy and Resilience

Separate Cloud regions and APIs that can copy service configurations across these regions make it possible to build highly redundant applications and services. The Outbound and Inbound Service Management APIs make it easy to replicate application configurations in other regions so that in the event of an issue in a particular Cloud region, your replicated services will still be available in one of the other regions.

For example, in the event of an outage affecting Amazon AWS that impacts the availability of services in USA-East, replicated services in other Cloud regions will still be available, such as USA-West or EU-West.

Enabling outbound services in other regions requires very little extra configuration, other than making sure that your validated Caller IDs are configured to work in other clouds.

Inbound services that are associated with phone numbers are tied to Cloud regions, so some extra planning is required. Using multiple inbound numbers for the same service while splitting their use across different Cloud regions is one way of providing a resilient solution.