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Reserved Conferences

Reserved conferences must be booked in advance, where a reservation token will be given. Reserved conferences are identified by the reservation token or their name. To reserve and manipulate these types of conferences, you will need to use the managing conferences set of web services. The conference reservation will specify a start time for the conference, a duration, the maximum number of participants to allow and the conference name which must be unique to your account. The conference is created at the specified time and will be available for the specified duration. For participants that phone in too early, it is possible to set up an automatic you are too early announcement. Unlike unreserved conferences, a reserved conference with the given name will not be created when the first caller joins and will also not be destroyed when the last caller leaves. It will exist for the period for which it was reserved.

If your inbound application does not police early callers with an appropriate message, and if you have not set up the automatic divert option when the reservation was made, early callers will be busied. However, late callers should be policed by your inbound application because, if they call more than five minutes after the end of the reserved conference period, an unreserved conference will be created and the caller will hear silence.

Once the reserved period comes to an end the conference will be destroyed and all calls will be terminated. However, the managing conferences web services provide the flexibility to extend the reserved conference duration whilst the conference is running, should this be required. In addition, five minutes after the large conference has ended, it is possible for a smaller number of people to phone in again and continue their discussions since an unreserved conference will be automatically created using the same conference name.