Media File Availability

Aculab Cloud accesses files via a highly reliable, distributed storage system. The way it works will generally be transparent to you as an application writer, but there are a few important things to bear in mind:

  • When an application completes a record, the recorded file will be available for use immediately in that application, and generally within a few seconds in other applications, from and from the Web Services API.
  • When an application receives a fax, the same applies to the received tif file.
  • When uploading a new file via or the Web Services API, it will generally be available for access within a few seconds.
  • When deleting or overwriting an existing media file via, the Web Services API, or the UAS API, the change generally takes several seconds to become available across the distributed storage system. Until this has been accomplished the available file may be the old version. So, scenarios that require quick access to newly written files should write to new filenames rather than reusing old ones.