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SMS Messaging


Aculab Cloud lets you communicate with your customers using SMS text messages. You can purchase telephone numbers and use them to send and receive messages.

To send and receive messages, you need:

  • A Production or Premium account - if you have a Developer account, please upgrade your account.
  • A number on Aculab Cloud which has messaging enabled - to check this, view your purchases. If SMS is enabled you will have a green SMS icon. If the icon is red you can enable SMS by clicking it. If none of your numbers supports messaging, you will need to purchase one that does.
  • A web server - so Aculab Cloud can tell you about status updates for your messages.
  • Credit on your account - so you can buy a number and pay for your messages.

To receive messages, you also need:

  • An Inbound Service for your number - which must be set up to handle messages. An Inbound Service tells Aculab Cloud how to handle incoming messages and calls to a particular number. First, view your Inbound Services. If you've not already created a Service for your number, click New and choose Telephone Number, then select one of your purchased telephone numbers and click Next. If you have a service already, just click your number in the list. Either way, once you have accessed the settings for the service, click the SMS tab and enter the Notification page. This is the URL of a page on your web server which Aculab Cloud will access to tell you when new messages arrive.
  • How it works

    You pass the message to Aculab Cloud via the Managing SMS Messages Web Service. You can do this from your browser's address bar, call the appropriate function from one of our High-Level Language Wrappers or call it direct.

    Aculab Cloud queues the message then submits it to a carrier and accesses your status_page to say that's done. The carrier accepts the message, sends it on towards the mobile phone, and Aculab Cloud accesses your status_page to tell you it's been sent.

    If you've requested a delivery report and they're supported, the phone will acknowledge receipt, the carrier passes that on to Aculab Cloud, which accesses your status page to tell you the message has been delivered.

    For more details

    See Handling status updates for details of what is sent to your status page.

  • How it works

    A mobile phone sends a message to your number. It is received by one of our carriers, which passes it on. It's received by Aculab Cloud, which accesses your notification page to give you the message.

    How to receive messages

    When messages are received on your numbers, you can choose to be notified via pages which you host on your web server. To make this work for one of your numbers:

    • Check you've enabled messages (SMS) on that number by viewing your Purchases and ensuring a green envelope is displayed for the number. If a red envelope is displayed, click to change to green.
    • If you've not already done so, create an Inbound Service for the number.
    • Again if not done already, configure the number's Inbound Service by entering the URL of your web page on its SMS tab.

    For more details

    To see the content of what Aculab Cloud passes to your notification page, see Managing SMS Messages.