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Interrupting an instance of a REST application

This describes the web service to interrupt an instance of a REST application running on Aculab Cloud.

It references the following web service:
 This is a low level API. For information on higher level APIs see the Web Services Language Wrappers
  • Rest Interrupt

    This will interrupt one or more REST application instances that are running on Aculab Cloud. The current action will be stopped and any further actions in the list will be skipped.

    Methods:GET, POST

    application_instance_idsstringa list of application instance IDs of the REST applications to interrupt, delimited by the character /.
    redirect_pagestring (optional)the page to which to send the result of the interrupt.
    redirect_methodstring (optional)the method (GET, POST) to use when accessing redirect_page

    The Redirect Page Request:

    If redirect_page is defined it will receive a JSON object containing the result of the interrupt command. The JSON object will be the standard REST instance_info object which will include an action_result containing the details of the action that was interrupted. The redirect page can return a new action list to the application instance. See the example below.

    Note that if a redirect_page is not specified, the REST application's final page will be called and the application will end.


    A JSON object keyed on the application instance IDs providing a string specifying the result of the interrupt command.

    no such applicationAn application with the given instance ID does not exist. Perhaps it completed some time ago.
    application already completedNo action was interrupted because the application has recently completed.
    interruptedThe application instance was interrupted.



        "06e122c3364cc74c.787379" : "interrupted"