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Receiving Inbound Calls


Aculab Cloud receives a call to one of your Inbound Services identified by name. Aculab Cloud then makes a request to the First Page of your REST API application.

inbound call diagram
Receiving an inbound call


Creating your inbound service

Once you've written your inbound application, you need to tell Aculab Cloud which telephone number it resides on. You do this by creating an Inbound Service, setting its Name to that number, setting the Application Server Type to REST API and entering the details of your application on the REST API tab.

inbound call sequence diagram
Lifecycle of an inbound call

View/edit your Inbound Services

Handling an incoming call

When an inbound call is made to your selected telephone number, Aculab Cloud starts your application by requesting your First Page. You may reject the call in this page. Otherwise it will be answered automatically by Aculab Cloud.
Note: if Early Media is enabled then you will need to answer the call explicitly.

Specifying the actions

Each of your pages can respond with a sequence of telephony Actions to be run by Aculab Cloud. This diagram shows the First Page responding with a single run menu action. The next page responds with a play action followed by a record action.


After all your required actions have completed the call will be hung up and Aculab Cloud requests your Final Page.

Early Media

You can configure an inbound service to allow your REST API application to play early media before you answer the call.

When this is enabled, the call will not be automatically answered by Aculab Cloud and your application will consequently need to supply the answer or reject action.