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REST API Version 2.0


The REST API is a simple API designed to make it very easy for web developers to write telephony applications for Aculab Cloud using Python, C#, VB, Java, PHP or any other scripting language.

A REST API application is a series of web pages that control how Aculab Cloud handles outbound and inbound calls. You host your application pages in a 3rd-party web server (e.g. IIS, Apache, Tomcat ...) or your own web server.

You can download one of our high-level language wrappers or use any language to interpret and respond to the json requests.

You configure Outbound and Inbound Services in Aculab Cloud to call the First Page of your application when a call is received or a call is made. Aculab Cloud sends an HTTP Request containing JSON information. Your pages send back an HTTP Response containing JSON representing a series of high-level telephony Actions for Aculab Cloud to perform, such as playing a file, asking the caller a question, or getting caller input.

Advanced features such as Call Recording or Far-end Classification are implemented by Aculab Cloud and you just switch them on when configuring your Outbound and Inbound Services.

If you are new to Aculab Cloud we recommend checking out the Quickstart Guides.


REST API Reference

Download Packages

  • REST API Wrapper - contains several REST API sample applications to get you started.
  • Web Services Wrapper - contains a StartRESTOutbound sample that you can use to start your outbound REST API applications.