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Voice, Fax and Message Management

Aculab Cloud provides a selection of web services that allow you to manage various resources on your account. These web services can be accessed directly as described in the overview, or by making use of the provided high-level language wrappers. For more information on each individual web service, please use the links below. Also see web service errors.



Managing inbound and outbound communications services - starting outbound services and their queues, creating and organising inbound services.

Voice Biometrics

New feature!

Use this web service to register, then later verify, a user's voice.

Accessing Monitor Recordings

Aculab Cloud can record all incoming audio received from outbound calls placed by your applications, starting from any early media received before the call is answered. Use this web service to access these recordings.

Interrupting a REST Application

You call this web service to interrupt a running REST application.

Managing Conferences

Aculab Cloud supports unreserved conferences of up to 40 participants, and reserved ones of up to 350 participants which need to be booked in advance using this web service.

Managing Files

This web service allows you to access and manipulate audio, fax and REST log files that reside in your account on Aculab Cloud.

Managing Reports

This service allows you to generate and download detailed application, call or error reports.

Managing Messages

Now supports MMS

Use this web service to send SMS or MMS messages, keep track of their progress, and identify which of your telephone numbers may be blocked from sending messages.

Managing Telephone Numbers

Use these web services to manage your existing inbound telephone numbers and purchase new ones and to lookup the details of a number.


This service allows you to check the security of your connections to these cloud web services.

Number lookup

New feature!

This service allows you to check the line type and the carrier name of a phone number.

WebRTC Clients

Services to generate tokens and register clients so they can place and receive WebRTC calls.