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High-Level Language Wrappers


Aculab Cloud provides a number of Web Services that implement features such as initiating outbound services, and managing files, telephone numbers and other resources on the cloud.

You can make requests to these web services directly or you can use one of our high-level language wrappers.

Web Services Wrapper Download Packages

Download a Web Services wrapper package.

Each language wrapper contains a library that wraps the calls to the web services and the responses obtained.

The .Net, Java and Python wrappers provide an interface that's quite abstracted from the underlying web services.

The PHP wrapper provides a lower level interface that's highly similar to the underlying web services.

They also contain standalone sample applications that illustrate how to use each service wrapper.

API Reference Guides

In the case where you wish to use a language that we do not supply a wrapper for, you will need to write your own wrapper. Please see the Web Services Overview for details of how to call each service.