Web Service Errors

    Error Codes

    This page lists the error codes that can be returned by the webservice, click the error code for more information and potential solutions to common issues

    Error 2004


    The Cloud wanted to start one of your applications, found a UAS which had it loaded, but the application failed to start.


    The error text will give a status value. If the status is -4, the application contains an error which prevented its main function being called - please check your application code. If status is -6, the application is written for one direction (e.g. inbound) but the servicve using it is the other direction (e.g. outbound) - ensure the application's direction matches that of all services which use it. If status is -7, the UAS was not accepting new application requests and another UAS will be tried - if this error occurs often, you need to increase your UAS capacity. If status is any other value, please contact us.

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