Web Service Errors

    Error Codes

    This page lists the error codes that can be returned by the webservice, click the error code for more information and potential solutions to common issues

    Error 2008


    The UAS or its application with the Application Instance Id and Application Parameters noted in the text started but, on completion, returned the failure code noted. Results from -1 to -99 are created by the UAS system, and -100 below are user created. For system specific Python UAS errors, see https://cloud.aculab.com/documents/api/python/latest/adr.html#adr-info. For .NET UAS system specific errors, see https://cloud.aculab.com/documents/api/dotnet/latest/UASCSharpWritingApplications.html under Application Rules


    Check the your application code to see why it returned a negative value.

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