Types Of Account

Aculab Cloud provides three levels of accounts: Developer, Production and Premium. You can upgrade from your initial Developer Account to a Production Account from the Account Upgrade page in the Cloud Console.

Developer Accounts

When you first sign up with Aculab Cloud, you get a Developer Account. This allows you to use it for development purposes, place and receive SIP and WebRTC calls, and write applications which interact with those calls.

A Developer Account comes with:

  • Free inbound SIP and WebRTC calls
  • Free outbound SIP and WebRTC calls
  • Free speech recognition
  • Free Text-To-Speech
  • 1000 minutes per month of free platform time (speech recognition, TTS and WebRTC calls to/from a cloud IVR service depend on this)
  • 1000 webrtc registration tokens per month, with a maximum TTL of 1 hour (WebRTC calls to/from a cloud IVR service and browser-to-browser require these)
  • Quick start guides
  • Access to all APIs, documentation and samples
  • Support

Production Accounts (pre-paid)

A Production Account provides access to more features and should be used for deploying your finished applications. It is a paid-for account and must be kept in credit to maintain continuous use of Aculab Cloud.

A Production Account allows you to:

  • Purchase incoming phone numbers
  • Receive incoming phone calls
  • Place outgoing phone calls
  • Send and receive SMS and MMS messages

Premium Accounts (post-paid)

A Premium Account is much like a Production Account but, instead of pay as you go, you're invoiced for what you use. To request this, please contact us to find out more.

Note: Voice Biometrics is disabled by default. Please contact us if you'd like us to enable it on your account.