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Supported Fax Formats

Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)

Aculab Cloud faxing supports TIFF files only. The compression schemes supported are:

  • CCITT Group 3 1-Dimensional Modified Huffman run length encoding (RLE). Also known as MH or CCITT 1D.
  • CCITT T.4 bi-level encoding as specified in section 4, Coding, of ITU-T Recommendation T.4. Also known as MR2D, CCITT Group 3 fax encoding or CCITT Group 3 2D.
  • CCITT T.6 bi-level encoding as specified in section 2 of ITU-T Recommendation T.6. Also known as MMRT6 or CCITT Group 4 fax encoding.

These compression schemes do not support colour or greyscale. The image will be black and white only.

We support three page widths, A4 (1728 pixels, 21.95cm), B4 (2048 pixels, 26.01cm) or A3 (2432 pixels, 30.89cm).

Before sending a fax, when converting an image to TIFF from another format, e.g. Windows BMP, several options may be presented. For example, IrfanView (www.irfanview.com) offers:

  • None
  • LZW
  • Packbits
  • JPEG
  • ZIP
  • Huffman RLE
  • CCITT Fax 3
  • CCITT Fax 4

The three options that match those we support are Huffman RLE (MH), CCITT Fax 3 (MR2D) and CCITT Fax 4 (MMRT6). The option that offers the best compression is CCITT Fax 4.